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New PDF release: A Course on Optimization and Best Approximation

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By Richard B. Holmes (auth.)

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Specific -- N(Xo,K ). our interest We will have occasion convex sets to compute (the constraint sets in normal normal cones cones to to in optimization problems) The mapping f ~ Vf(Xo) in later sections. §i0. Subdifferential a) Let X be a real ics and is a linear mapping into X *. convex Formulas from the linear Now the subdifferential cone Conv (X) play a role analogous preserves the cone operations, of convex and this subsets ~f(Xo) of mapping. X* is supposed For this linear f, g ~ Conv analogy (Moreau, (f)f'] dot (g) to mapping combinations.

F: g convex is the constant -~, with the w * - t o p o l o g y , bijection f from F(X) onto mapF(X*). as in a), and isc on but the then X}. ) h) Definition. (infimal) Given functions convolution 25. is the function defined by If each f. s Conv 2) i) convex, sets (6A(~ f)(x ) = inf {f(x-a): X, then Exercise then then @ f. l Its effective For non-empty is a semi-norm on (X), 1 (although possibly not proper). Exgmples. l xi = x}. ,fn 6A( ~ f = dist 25 shows that domain is A, B C X , a s A}. is convex ~ dom (fi).

I n Consequently condition of 12d) implies such that f + EXif i attains its 37 minimum over X at f(Xo) + ~ i f i ( X o ) x o. ,Xn) also, by 12d). is a Lagrange multiplier vector. c) We now work toward the establishment ion between Lagrange multiplier vectors relationship leads both to existence vectors and to their interpretation of a fundamental and subgradients. connect- This criteria for Lagrange multiplier alluded to at the beginning of this section. Definition. The perturbation program 12c) is the mapping function of the ordinary convex p: R n + [-~,+=] defined by p(y) z P(YI'''''Yn ) = inf {f(x): fi (x) !

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