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Download PDF by Frederic Phillip Mennell: A Manual of Petrology

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By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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55 ; double refraction weak and Its surface, therefore, appears smooth, while the interference tints do not exceed white or dull yellow of the positive. order except in thick slices. Gives straight extinction. Spectral polarisation is sometimes shown, that is to say that different parts of a crystal extinguish in succession as the stage of the microscope is rotated, a state of affairs due to strain. The uniaxial interference figure in convergent polarised light is often of use in distinguishing quartz, in doubtful cases, from certain other minerals first which resemble it.

Black and opaque, with submetallic lustre, to translucent A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY 34 grey in very thin sections usually in rounded grains, sometimes with an approach to crystal outline. I. 096). Dark between crossednicols. Occurs in a few of the more basic igneous rocks, such as ; the picrites and serpentines. Fe 2 O 3 Magnetite. 5. Soluble Regular. 7 G in HC1. Strongly magnetic, being readily separable from other constituents of a rock by applying a magnet to the powder. Weathers to haematite or limonite.

Gular longitudinal sections are rectangular, and show the cleavages parallel to the prism, though this is sometimes sometimes unrecognisable in slices. Never twinned granular. I. 64) ; double refraction moderate ; negative, giving interference tints up to yellow and orange Gives straight extinction in longitudinal of the first order. sections, those parallel to the base extinguishing diagon- FIG. 24. KYANITE, in Schist, Rhodesia. X North-Western 50 diam. When thick enough to be coloured the pleochroism a, dark red; /3 and y, pale green to colourless.

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