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Download e-book for kindle: à ОСТ Кà ИСТАЛЛОВ/Rost Kristallov/Growth of Crystals: Volume by N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov

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By N. N. Sheftal’ (auth.), N. N. Sheftal’, E. I. Givargizov (eds.)

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0 JIJ LiOH, moles Fig. 4. Absolute growth rates of (0001) and (1010) in KOH containing LiOH at 300°C: 1, 2) v(OOOl) ~T = 25°C; ~T = 15°C; 3, 4) v(1010), ~T = 25°C; ~T = 15°C. LiOH concentration, the growth rates of the (0001) and (1010) faces become equal; the ratio v(0001 )/v(10io) decreases parabolically as the LiOH concentration increases (Fig. 5), which reflects the change in the habit of the crystals from prismatic to tabular. We did not make direct measurements of the growth of the (1010) pyramid, but geometrical considerations show that the reduction in 'toooi) and the increase in v(10io) result in increase in v(10i1).

V. N. Voitsekhovskii, Thesis, Leningrad Mining Institute (1966). G. G. Lemmlein and L. 1. TSinober, Trudy VNIISIMS, Vol. 4 (1962). O. K. Mel'nikov and B. N. Litvin, Kristallografiya, Vol. 2 (1965). L. A. Gordienko, V. F. Miuskov, V. E. Khadzhi, and L. 1. Tsinober, Kristallografiya, 14(3) :539 (1969). V. F. Dvoryankin and A. Yu. Mutyagin, Kristallografiya, 12(6):1112 (1967). A. P. Kasatkin, Kristallografiya, 9(2) :302 (1964). V. T. Ushakovskii, K. F. Kashkurov, and A. V. Simonov, Kristallografiya, 13(3):559 (1968).

S. Doladugina Much synthetic quartz cannot be used for optical purposes mainly because the refractive index varies within a single crystal; there are two basic groups of optical nonuniformity in such material: 1. Optical nonuniformities related to growth forms: a) zonal nonuniformity in the distribution of structural and other impurities [1], which arises from change in the parameters of the growth process; b) sector nonuniformity, which arises because of differences in the uptake factors for impurities in the faces of the various simple forms; the discontinuities in the refractive index are seen on passing from one growth pyramid to another; c) nonuniformity related to uneven capture of impurities by different parts of the relief on the growing surface (preferential uptake at the boundaries of accessory growth faces on the basal plane).

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