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Download e-book for kindle: AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications by Kwang Hee Nam

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By Kwang Hee Nam

Motor regulate expertise maintains to play an essential function within the initiative to get rid of or at the least lessen petroleum dependency and greenhouse gasoline emissions around the globe. elevated motor potency is an important point of this technological know-how within the international transition to scrub strength use in components akin to commercial purposes and residential appliances―but fairly within the layout of vehicles.

Summarizes the evolution of motor using devices towards excessive potency, cost-effective, excessive energy density, and versatile interface with different components

AC Motor keep an eye on and electrical motor vehicle Applications addresses the themes pointed out in its name but in addition elaborates on motor layout viewpoint, similar to again EMF harmonics, loss, flux saturation, and reluctance torque, and so forth. holding theoretical integrity in AC motor modeling and keep watch over all through, the writer makes a speciality of the advantages and straightforwardness of the rotor field-oriented keep watch over, describing the fundamentals of PWM, inverter, and sensors. He additionally clarifies the basics of electrical automobiles and their linked dynamics, motor matters, and battery limits. a robust compendium of useful info, this e-book serves as an total useful gizmo for the layout and regulate of high-efficiency motors.

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Let iedq = Tiabc e vdq = Tvabc , where idq0 = [id , iq , i0 ]T and vdq0 = [vd , vq , v0 ]T . Then, e vdq = Tvabc = rTiabc = riedq . The resistor, being a scalar, is invariant under the coordinate change. Inductance Consider flux linkage λabc = Labc iabc , where Labc ∈ R3×3 and λabc = [λa , λb , λc ]T . Let λdq0 = [λd , λq , λ0 ]T . Then, λedq = Tλabc = TLabc iabc = TLabc T−1 iedq = Ldq iedq . 2: Formulae for coordinate changes. Forward ( abc ⇒ dq ) Inverse ( dq ⇒ abc ) Complex variables for the stationary frame 2[ 3  s    f fa  j 4π   fb  = Re  e 3 fs  2π fc ej 3 fs ] 2π 2π fa (t) + ej 3 fb (t) + e−j 3 fc (t) Complex variables for the rotating frame [ e−jθ 32 fa (t) + ej 2π 3 fb (t) + e−j 2π 3     ejθ fs fa 4π    fb  = Re  ej(θ+ 3 ) fs  2π fc ej(θ+ 3 ) fs ] fc (t) Matrices for the stationary frame  1 2 0 3 √1 2 1 − √2 3 2 √1 2   −√12  − 23  √1 2 1  1 − 2  − 21 0 √ − 3 2√ 3 2  √1 2  √1  2 √1 2 Matrices for the rotating frame   cos θ cos(θ − 2π cos(θ + 2π 3 ) 3 )   2π 2π  2 − sin θ − sin(θ − ) − sin(θ +  3 3 3 )  √1 2 Hence, we obtain √1 2 √1 2   cos θ − sin θ  2π 2π  cos(θ − 3 ) − sin(θ − 3 )  2π cos(θ + 2π 3 ) − sin(θ + 3 ) Ldq = TLabc T−1 .

23) shows that the injection of the three-phase AC current [cos ωt, 4π jωt in the complex plane. cos(ωt − 2π 3 ), cos(ωt − 3 )] creates a rotating vector e 44 AC Motor Control and Electric Vehicle Applications Fig. 9 shows a schematic representation of the mapping into the stationary frame. However, it is worthwhile to note that the direction of the current sum vector is identical to the direction of fs in the complex plane. That is, the direction of fs is the same as that of the flux (current) vector in the cross-sectional plane of a motor.

17 (b). The location of the integral part is the same as that of the PI controller. 16) K K K K ∗ t p ω (s) s+ t p s2 + IP Controller ⇒ ωrIP (s) = ω ∗ (s) s2 + J JTi Kp Kt JTi Kt Kp Kt Kp J s + JTi . 17) Note that both functions have the same denominator, but the numerators are different: An IP controller does not have differential operator ‘s’, whereas a PI controller does. Let ωrP I (t) = L−1 {ωrP I (s)} and ωrIP (t) = L−1 {ωrIP (s)}, where L−1 is the inverse Laplace operator. Then, ωrP I (t) = ωrIP (t) + Ti ω˙ rIP (t).

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