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Edgar Pieterse & Ntone Edjabe's African Cities Reader PDF

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By Edgar Pieterse & Ntone Edjabe

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But increasingly, as the Murids assume more political and economic power and then become available as an expression of a certain kind of national cohesion, signalling the distinctiveness of Senegal as a nation but also its integration into a larger theatre of operations. ” Singularity is very much wrapped up historically into a sense of national identity, a sense of national cohesion. In some ways, the hosting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference signals almost the normalization of Senegal’s position within the Islamic world, so it has to be done right.

All of a sudden they have a lot of money, or all of a sudden someone loses a lot of money. Or all of a sudden, people move from a house without anyone knowing. In some ways, their concern was “Okay, we’re all sort of middle class in this boat. We all have sort of narratives about how we got here. My mother, my father, they went to university . ” But they would talk about going to shop at a new mall, a new supermarket. They would talk about the anxiety of with whom would you be shopping, because you never know who it is that these people are.

How do you think this massive infrastructural investment and capacitation that arises from that is different from the operation of these merchants? Or maybe it’s not different. What is it going to do to the shape of the city or the future of the city? For example, I’m thinking of the way that Khartoum is being transformed, not from the West but from India, from China, and not in the traditional forms of trade, which are historic. You have had Indian merchants in Africa for centuries, coming in through the Indian Ocean trade, and similarly the Chinese as well.

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