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Airbus) Total Air Temperature, Static Air Temperature, Universal Coordinated Time, Gross Weight, and current Center of Gravity. Any system page can be called up by the pilot on the ground or in flight. These include ENGINE, BLEED, CAB PRESS, ELEC AC, ELEC DC, HYD, C/B, APU, COND, DOOR/OXY, WHEEL, F/CTL, FUEL, and CRUISE pages. The system screens that appear on the lower ECAM use colored graphical diagrams that show the related system. In general terms, a simple schematic of the system is displayed that shows the status of valves, pumps, generators, or any other component.

All cockpit seats, including two jumpseats, are equipped with fivepoint quick-release harnesses. lope definition/protection, and redundancy in case of hydraulic or computer failures. In general, the FBW system makes the A340 and similar Airbus' safer, more costeffective, and more pleasant to fly. Instead of using heavy mechanical means to actuate the flight controls, the basic FBW system uses wires and computer controlled electronic signals. The signals are routed to hydraulic actuators that move the desired control surface.

The A340 electrical system was While parked at the gate, the designed to continue operating even A340 electrical system can be pow- with multiple failures. The APU, ....... ~ . Getting a heavy A340 stopped creates a tremendous amount of heat within the brakes, so cooling fans have been incorporated into the wheels. The lower ECAM can display the WHEEL page to show the temperature of each brake. The setting sun catches TAP Air Portugal's Cs-TOA after landing at Frankfurt. TAP utilizes the aircraft in its intended role of an L-I0II, and even an A3I0, replacement aircraft.

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