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Get An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 7 PDF

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By T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.)

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Karyotypes of five Indian species of Microchiroptera. Caryologia 24:239, 1971. Order: Fami ly: CHIROPTERA EMBALLONURIDAE Taphozous longimanus (Tomb bat) 2n=42 X~ '. ,,, ' J• It ,.. I , IA ... O- A XY 11 I II ,. • a I , ~ II I •• Aa Ix X Volume 7, Folio 306, 1973 © 1973 by Springer-Verlag New York Inc. Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Carollia castanea 2n=22 Volume 7, Folio 307, 1973 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Carollia castanea 2n=22 AUTOSOMES: 18 Metacentrics and submetacentrics 2 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Minute The karyotypes of C.

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