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Chris Haseman's Android Essentials (Firstpress) PDF

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By Chris Haseman

The fashion is nice, however it used to be written ahead of the discharge of android 1.0, such a lot of examples do not rather paintings. Very complex when you are now not skilled.

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Again, you can’t have the victim of your prank launching it from the menus and clueing in to your plan too early. To do this, you’ll have to retrieve the launching intent and call the getAction method to figure out under what case it has been launched. The PrankActivity’s onCreate method should now look like Code Listing 2-4. Code Listing 2-4. pranked); //We'll need to start the music service here } else finish(); } First you’ll get the intent that launched your activity. With the intent in hand, you can retrieve the calling action with the getAction method.

Since the user wants to add your corporate URL in your fictional “About” section, you’ll have to oblige them. Adding Evil Corporate URLS with a Content Resolver Maybe they aren’t evil, but you’ll add them anyway. Since Apress is probably one of the least evil of companies out there (not that I’m biased, mind you), you’ll let them get away with it, just this once. BOOKMARKS_URI, inputValues); 38 Android Essentials As with most SDKs, there’s more than one way to accomplish the same task. Earlier, you had the more complex way of adding a bookmark.

I suspect it’s not a feature that’s high on the list of things to tell developers about. Although I disagree with these priorities, it gives me a chance to fill the gap. Telephony; Buried in the Telephony library is the call getMessageFromIntent, which will return an array of SMS messages. All that’s left is pulling the payload out of the SMS messages in question. ” It must be a combination suitably unique so that it will not be triggered by accident. You wouldn’t want your prank to misfire and alert the victim too early.

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