Andy Warhol: Pioneer of Pop Art by Carin T. Ford PDF

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By Carin T. Ford

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He said, 'Work is everything. '" Although his roommate, Pearlstein, advised Warhol to enhance his appearance and buy a suit, Warhol stuck to the chinos, T-shirts, and sneakers he had worn to his Glamour interview. He continued carrying his assignments in a brown paper bag. " By the summer of 1949, Warhol was spending every day actively searching for new assignments. QD Andy Warhol: Pioneer of Pop Art "I can draw anything," said Warhol, who began his career as a commercial artist in New York City.

He used bold, shocking colors, creating grotesque images with Further stressing the separation of the the art, QD Andy Warhol: Pioneer of Pop Art such titles as Vertical Orange Car Crash, Purple Jumping Man, Green Disaster Twice. Frequently, the same image was repeated over and over. Although some of his work was pornographic or in very poor taste, Warhol continually denied there was any meaning behind his choice of subjects. Instead, he appeared to be trying to erase all meaning. "The more you look at the same thing, the more the meaning goes away, and the better and emptier 28 you feel," he said.

They gave interviews to Andy Warhol. In 1967, Warhol got into trouble when he allowed someone to impersonate him on a college lecture reporters as if they were tour. Always nervous about speaking in public, Warhol usually traveled with several actors who had appeared in his films. They would speak to the audience and answer all the questions; Warhol would merely sit quietly onstage. The day before Warhol was to leave on a lecture CK> Out of Control tour out west, he commented that he did not feel like who had appeared in a few of going.

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