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By Dada Bhagwan

""All the secrets and techniques of the realm were printed 'as they are'. enable all lack of awareness depart. permit the entire phrases circulation as they're. humans will proceed asking questions and new insights might be published from the solutions. All that's spoken the following can be revealed as new scriptures. Thereafter, actual wisdom should be proven inside people as they extract the final word that means of those phrases. In those Aptavanis, the event of the Self has been said. That encompasses all.Niruben has no longer permit unmarried observe of mine cross off course. She has accrued the entire phrases during this tape recorder. That assortment is the technology of The Self, that's being proficient to the realm for generations to come back. the entire present scriptures on the planet carry the data of the Self (Gnan), while those phrases are the particular clinical event of The Self (Vignan). This technology is spontaneously lively and effects are instantly obvious. Moksha, liberation is the direct experiential results of this science.Glory To The Lord Who Has Manifested inside of Gnani Purush, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel ~Dadashri"

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The Lord says that he does not Aptavani-1 39 look at your actions. Your actions are a result of your past life’s karma. But what is noted is your dhyan and what it is engaged in while you are doing a samayik or pratikraman (ritual of asking for forgiveness). One may be doing samayik but his dhyan is on the hourglass or he keeps getting irritated with his disciples and then he claims that he did samayik. An acharya maharaj was sitting before Lord Mahavir in samayik. The acharya was given spiritual knowledge (Gnan) but he did not have the knowledge of vyavasthit.

I am an incarnation of Akram Gnan. I can bestow upon you the status of Godhood within just one hour. You should be completely ready for it. When you come to me for liberation, come with only these two requirements : First : the belief of ‘I do not know anything’ and second, ‘utter humility’. The belief of ‘I know something’ is in fact intoxication. Real knowledge is enlightenment. It is a ‘light’ and where there is light, one does not stumble. How can you say that you know when you keep stumbling every step of the way?

Just as you have a wheat farm, you would have a rose farm. But here you have a jasmine, a rose, a frangipani and thorns too- you have a garden. Prakruti is a garden. People want roses but they do not like thorns. How can you have a rose without thorns? When people plant a lemon tree, how is it nurtured? Through the elements of earth, air, light and sky. Do these nourishing elements have a sour taste in them? Do they have tart juices in them? No. But where did the tartness in the lemon come from?

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